Back to Where I was Before (Almost)

May 30, 2020

Back in the good old days, was a static site that I maintained myself, in pure HTML. But that (to me) was so much of a hassle that I never did even the little bit of site maintenance that the website required. So I moved it to

At that point, I already had Multo for personal blogging, and did my technical writing on the Win-Vector blog. I didn’t need another blog, but since the Wordpress site had one, I did it for a while. But the frequency of my posts (never high) has fallen off quite a bit in the last few years, which makes the site look particularly moribund. Frankly, Wordpress is overkill for my needs.

So here I am, back to a static site, this time on Github Pages. This is a good compromise for me: the site is clean and simple to maintain, without demanding that I constantly add new content. Perfect.

I did bring over some of the blog posts from the Wordpress site, especially some of the essays I wrote early on, which I still like and am proud on. Also a few posts that document the progress of Practical Data Science with R (both editions), for sentimental reasons. I invite you to browse, if you feel like it.

I may still sometimes post a new article, but it will be infrequently. Look for me on the Win-Vector blog and on Multo. Cheers!