The Library of Babble

I, who always imagined Paradise
To be a kind of library.
– Jorge Luis Borges, “Poem of the Gifts”

This bookshelf holds the books I’ve discussed at my blog, Multo (Ghost). My categories are admittedly idiosyncratic, but they mean something, to me.

I never write about books I don’t like, nor do I always write about every book I do like. Not every book post referred to is a review. Just consider this a biased sample of my reading life, over the history of the blog.

Bookshelf Organized by Year

Books I've Discussed at Multo

Children's and YA Literature

Coraline cover
Five Children and It cover
The Five Jars cover


One Hundred Demons cover


The Rector of Veilbye cover
Tom Sawyer, Detective cover
The American Rivals of Sherlock Holmes cover
Two Bottles of Relish cover
The Department of Dead Ends cover
Honolulu Mysteries cover
The Solar Pons Series cover
The Last Seance cover
The Mysterious Mr. Quin cover
Bookhunter cover
The Library Fuzz cover
The Conjure-Man Dies cover
Ghosts From the Library cover
The Honjin Murders cover

Dystopian Speculative Fiction

The Scarlet Plague cover
The Croquet Player cover


The Etymologicon cover
The Antiquary and the Crocodile cover
The Ghosts of Birds cover

Fairy Tales/Folkore/Mythology

Japanese Fairy Tales cover
Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft cover
Strange Tales from A Chinese Studio cover
Old Testament Legends cover
Yurei: The Japanese Ghost cover
A Chimaera in my Wardrobe cover
Mexican Bestiary cover
Serendipity and the Three Princes cover
Forty Two Stories cover
The Inn at the Spessart (from Tales) cover

Ghost Stories

Ghosts of Yesterday cover
Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things cover
20th Century Ghosts cover
Shadowings cover
Kotto cover
The Dark cover
Not Exactly Ghosts cover
Five Modern Noh Plays cover
The Beast with Five Fingers cover
The Times Anthology of Ghost Stories cover
Ghost Gleams cover
The Bone Key cover
Aura cover
Ghosts cover
A Spot of Bother cover
All Souls Night cover
Antique Dust cover
Ghosts and Family Legends cover
Shadows at the Door cover
Hungry Ghosts cover
Glimpses of the Unknown cover
From Out of the Silence cover
Uncanny Stories cover
The Death Mask cover
New Ghost Stories cover
Yellow Glass and Other Ghost Stories cover
Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo cover
Lord Halifax's Ghost Book cover


American Gothic Tales cover
The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales cover
The Bishop of Hell cover
Red Spectres: Russian Gothic Tales cover
Of One Blood cover
Tales of the Dead cover
Fantastic Tales (Racconti Fantastici) cover
The Necromancer cover


The Mark of the Shadow Grove cover
The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories cover
The Holmes-Dracula File cover
The Mammoth Book of Terror cover
The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories 2 cover

Literary Fiction

Bartleby the Scrivener cover
The Sorrows of Young Werther cover
Bring My Your Saddest Arizona cover
A Thousand Forests in One Acorn cover
Selected Short Stories cover

Magical Realism

Constancia and Other Stories for Virgins cover
Blow Up and Other Stories cover
When I Was Mortal cover
While The Women are Sleeping cover


Cebuano Sorcery cover
Medieval Studies and the Ghost Stories of M.R. James cover

Occult Detection

John The Balladeer cover
Help for the Haunted cover
Guilt is a Ghost cover


The Interior Castle cover

Short Story Cycles

A Visit from the Goon Squad cover
Fun Home cover
Ghostwritten cover
Haunted cover
If on a Winter's Night a Traveler cover
Locos cover
Pnin cover
Q&A cover
The Bridge of San Luis Rey cover
The Brief History of the Dead cover
The Monkey's Wrench cover
The Pillow Boy of Lady Onogoro cover


Supernatural Noir cover
Shuck Unmasked cover
Vampire Loves cover
The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories cover
The Cyberiad cover
Kitaro cover
The Book of Fantasy cover
Hitchcock and Bradbury Fight in Heaven cover
The Macabre Megapack cover
Couching at the Door cover
American Fantastic Tales cover
Uncertainties 1 and 2 cover
The Picture of Dorian Gray cover
Stories of the Strange and Sinister cover
Tales of Terror cover
And the Darkness Falls cover
The Boris Karloff Horror Anthology cover
Spirits Abroad cover
Things We Lost in the Fire cover