The Necromancer
by Karl Friedrich Kahlert

The Necromancer cover
Cover of The Necromancer

The Necromancer was one of the “seven horrid novels” famously discussed by two young women in Jane Austin’s Northanger Abbey. The version the pair were referring to was a 1794 translation by Peter Will (as Peter Teuthold) of the 1792 German original.

This version is an earlier, 1793 translation of the first half of the novel, by “T. Dutton.” And I found it! I don’t usually go in for full blown eighteenth century Gothic romance in all its glory, but The Necromancer was pretty fun. And hunting down its provenance was even more fun.

Discussion of my research at my blog Dark Tales Sleuth.

The full version, at the Ex-Classics website, transcribed from the original sources.