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Goldbach’s Celestial Atlas

Christian Goldbach, Prussian mathematician. Probably most famous for the Goldbach conjecture, one of the oldest unsolved problems in mathematics: Every even integer greater than 2 can be expressed as the sum of two primes. The story goes that he scribbled this conjecture in the margin of a letter he wrote to Euler. In fact, he […]

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Mathematics versus Computer Science

…until the development of computers the possibility of dealing successfully with the complex itself was never really envisaged. Perhaps the most successful substitute for such a possibility, as well as the nearest approach to it, came in mathematics. … To find the simple in the complex, the finite in the infinite — that is not […]

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Bon Mots from Professor Rota

As I’ve posted previously, we are writing a data science book. The preview of the first chapter of our book should come out in about a month or so. We are almost finished with the revisions to the first four chapters, and we’ve started refining the outline of the next three. Exciting! It happens that […]