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Popularity and Social Networks: Life is still like high school

I remember setting up the Multo blog a few years ago: my first blog explicitly meant for public consumption. On the “Follow” widget — the button that allows readers to follow a blog via email notifications — there is an option to show the count of the blog’s followers. My first reaction: why would I […]

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Goldbach’s Celestial Atlas

Christian Goldbach, Prussian mathematician. Probably most famous for the Goldbach conjecture, one of the oldest unsolved problems in mathematics: Every even integer greater than 2 can be expressed as the sum of two primes. The story goes that he scribbled this conjecture in the margin of a letter he wrote to Euler. In fact, he […]

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Dragons of Probability

“No insults, please!” said Pugg. “For I am not your usual uncouth pirate, but refined and with a Ph.D. and therefore extremely high-strung.” — from “The Sixth Sally, or how Trurl and Klapaucius Created a Demon of the Second Kind to Defeat the Pirate Pugg” Cover for the 1972 edition of Cyberiada, illustration by Daniel […]

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On Writing Technical Articles for the Nonspecialist

Photo: John Mount I came across a post from Emily Willingham the other day: “Is a PhD required for Good Science Writing?”. As a science writer with a science PhD, her answer is: is it not required, and it can often be an impediment. I saw a similar sentiment echoed once by Lee Gutkind, the […]