Personal Writing

Multo (Ghost): a blog on things ghostly: reviews of supernatural and weird fiction, essays about folklore and history, and random musings.

Ephemera: a playground for my forays into translation, fiction, personal essay, or any writing that won’t fit my other blogs.

Dark Tales Sleuth: a blog where I document my efforts to track down author and translator attributions for some uncredited supernatural works.

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Some Ongoing Translation Series: When I have time, I like to practice translating public domain short stories of the supernatural and the macabre by Spanish language authors that I’m interested in.

Folklore articles I’ve written for the #FolkloreThursday blog.

Some articles originally written for the Non Stop Bhangra and Dholrhythms blogs: pieces about Punjabi music, culture and folklore, especially as they relate to Dholrhythms Dance Company and San Francisco's Non Stop Bhangra dance party.