In addition to the peer-reviewed papers listed under Publications, I also have written or collaborated on other articles and essays about a variety of topics, both technical and non-technical.

Technical Articles

The Win-Vector Blog
Articles approximately once a month on topics in math, statistics, computation, and anything else we think is interesting. Co-authored with John Mount.

Preparing data for analysis using R
A white paper on data exploration and treatment in R, including a survey of commonly encountered data issues and how to resolve them. I also briefly introduce vtreat, Win-Vector's R package for automated data treatment (CRAN distribution). This paper was generously sponsored by Microsoft Data Science.

Articles that I've authored or contributed to that haven't been formally published.

Comparing Apples And Oranges: A paper with John Mount on the limits of statistical inference in the Google AdSense market.

"Something out of Something": Improvisational Training for Emergency Managers: A white paper about improvisation, in the context of emergency management.

vtreat: a data.frame Processor for Predictive Modeling: Describes the theory of data preparation behind vtreat, and demonstrates its use.

Nontechnical Writing

Multo (Ghost): a blog on things ghostly: reviews of supernatural and weird fiction, essays about folklore and history, and random musings.

Ephemera: a playground for my (very occasional) forays into fiction, personal essay, or any writing that won’t fit my other blogs.

Folklore articles I’ve written for the #FolkloreThursday blog.

Some articles originally written for the Non Stop Bhangra and Dholrhythms blogs: pieces about Punjabi music, culture and folklore, especially as they relate to Dholrhythms Dance Company and San Francisco's Non Stop Bhangra monthly party.

Book reviews I've published at The Mantle.