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Nina B. Zumel

Talks and Presentations

  1. Advanced Data Preparation for Supervised Machine Learning
    Why R? Webinar --
  2. Preparing Messy Data For Supervised Learning (Python)
    PyData Los Angeles 2019 --
  3. Practical Data Science with R
    Bay Area R Users Group (BARUG) --
  4. Myths of Data Science: Things You Should and Should Not Believe
    ODSC West 2017 --
  5. Improving Prediction using Nested Models and Simulated Out-of-Sample Data
    Women Who Code Silicon Valley --
  6. Statistically Validate Models with R
    San Francisco Data Science ODSC Meetup --
  7. Validating Models in R
    R Day, Strata + Hadoop World 2016 --
  8. An Introduction to Differential Privacy as Applied to Machine Learning
    Bay Area Women in Machine Learning and Data Science Meetup --
  9. Prepping Data for Analysis Using R
    ODSC West 2015 --