Practical Data Science With R

John Mount and I are proud to present our book, Practical Data Science with R. This is the book for you if you are a data scientist, want to be a data scientist, work with data scientists, or hire data scientists.


Our goal is to present data science from a pragmatic, practice-oriented viewpoint. The book will complement other analytics, statistics, machine learning, data science and R books with the following features:

  • This book teaches you how to work as a data scientist. Learn how important listening, collaboration, honest presentation and iteration are to what we do.
  • The key emphasis of the book is process: collecting requirements, loading data, examining data, building models, validating models, documenting and deploying models to production.
  • We provide over 10 significant example datasets, and demonstrate the concepts that we discuss with fully worked exercises using standard R methods. We feel that this approach allows us to illustrate what we really want to teach and to demonstrate all the preparatory steps necessary to any real-world project.
  • This book is scrupulously correct on statistics, but presents topics in the context and order a practitioner worries about them. We emphasize machine learning and prediction over the use of summary statistics.

In support of Practical Data Science with R we are providing:

The physical book is 416 pages with black and white figures. The eBook version has color figures and is DRM-free. When you buy the physical version, you will get free access to the eBook version in all three formats: PDF, ePub, and Kindle.

For more about the book please see the following posts from the Win-Vector blog:

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