📚 The Library of Babble. My contemplated bookshelf project has indeed started. Rather than a bookshelf of Reading, Want to Read, and Finished, with ratings, this is a shelf of books that I’ve mentioned on my blog Multo over the years.

It’s not a shelf of reviews; it’s more like a visual representation of the books that have affected my blogging life thus far. Or will, be when I’ve finished populating it with past books. And there are a lot of straight reviews, especially more recently.

Time breakdown so far:

I also added categories and tags to the books; jekyll-bookworm doesn’t use them, but eventually I want to organize the bookshelf by category, rather than year. Again, that would probably take a few minutes for someone who knows what they’re doing, but it will take me a little longer. But first to finish populating the shelf; one step at a time.