About Short Thoughts

Short Thoughts is my personal microblogging site. I use it to share what I’ve written across all my long-form blogs, and to post quick little musings.

My Blogs

Multo(Ghost): my primary blog, where I blog about the supernatural in literature and popular culture. You’ll find ghost stories, folklore, and whatever I feel like writing about.

Ephemera: Lately, I’ve been using this blog mostly for my translations of public domain, Spanish language supernatural short fiction.

Dark Tales Sleuth: A blog I use for my forays into “literary sleuthing”: tracking down author attributions and original publication sources of unattributed (usually public domain) works.

NinaZumel.com: My professional presence online, where I sometimes write about data science and other technical interests.

You can follow @MultoGhost at Micro.blog, or follow me here via RSS. If you want to reply to any of my posts here, you can do that by joining Micro.blog. You can leave a comment on my long form articles at the originating blog.