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Popular Articles on Win-Vector

John has just put up an article on the Win-Vector blog, highlighting some of our popular series of articles, as well as our more popular posts. If you like the articles that I point to on this blog, check out some of the other posts written by John, too. As readers have surely noticed the […]

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Recent post on Win-Vector blog, plus some musings on Audience

  I put a new post up on Win-Vector a couple of days ago called “The Geometry of Classifiers”, a follow-up post to a recent paper by Fernandez-Delgado, et al. that investigates several classifiers against a body of data sets, mostly from the UCI Machine Learning Repository. Our article follows up the study with seven […]

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Follow me via RSS!

I went back to using RSS to follow blogs and other websites recently; I don’t know why I ever stopped. My email doesn’t get clogged by notifications anymore, and I don’t lose blog updates in the ever-flowing stream of Twitter or Facebook or the WordPress reader. I can follow any blog on any platform as […]

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Popularity and Social Networks: Life is still like high school

I remember setting up the Multo blog a few years ago: my first blog explicitly meant for public consumption. On the “Follow” widget — the button that allows readers to follow a blog via email notifications — there is an option to show the count of the blog’s followers. My first reaction: why would I […]

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Book Update, and Thoughts on Topical versus Archival Blogging

We are sending substantive drafts of the first four chapters of our data science book out for review. Manning, our publisher, hopes to launch the book in their Early Access Program (MEAP) by early May. Crossing our fingers! In the meantime, we have been preparing for the marketing push. One small thing we’ve done is […]