Reblog: My Multiple Personalities

This was originally written for my personal blog, Multo (Ghost). It’s about the Typealyzer, which determines the Myers-Briggs personality type of a blogger based on his or her writing style.

Multo has a primarily non-technical audience, and the post is non-technical, but the Typealyzer is a cute text classification problem, so I’m reblogging here.

I don’t know the details, of course, but they seem to be classifying the text along each axis of the Myers-Briggs model and then combining the assessments. When I re-typealyzed Multo after this post appeared, I got a different personality profile (ISTP, “the mechanic”: slightly stronger on the practical side than on the idealist). I infer from this that there are some words that correlate highly with one end or the other of each axis, and everything else is in the squidgy middle. Not surprising.

The same is true of their gender analyzer (mentioned at the end of the post): each of my gender classifications came out with probability scores in the 62-65% range. This means I don’t use language that correlates especially strongly with either female-authored blogs or male-authored ones, although technical and mathematical language evidently scores as male-language, from my results.

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