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Nina B. Zumel

Fun With Chat GPT

So, my husband typed this into ChatGPT 3.5:

What are some English words that are 4 letters long, start with f, and end with k?

According to ChatGPT, there was only one word that fit that criterion: fork. Upon prodding, it admitted that there were maybe a few more:

Screenshot from ChatGPT 3.5

Typing a similar query into DuckDuckGo (4 letter word starting with f ending with k) produced a page full of links to various crossword puzzle and Scrabble dictionaries. The first link gave me seven words. A little further down, I found a link that gave me thirteen words: faik, fank, feck, filk, fink, firk, fisk, flak, folk, fork, funk, fusk, and of course, "the F-word."

I'm sure that ChatGPT has filters to eliminate profanity, and admittedly, not all the above words are "common," but, come on -- folk? funk? flak?? I particularly like feck, though I never hear of anyone being "full of feck," only "feckless" ...

I'm sure GPT-4 does better, but I don't care to pay to find out.