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Nina B. Zumel

Blog Migration

My jekyll-generated website (served by Github Pages) failed to build a couple of weeks ago; I don't know why. I'm not enough of a front-end developer to diagnose the problem. After looking around for an updated template to move to, I eventually decided to give the Eleventy static site generator a try.

So this is my new site, based on Eleventy's official starter blog template. It wasn't too hard to figure out, and deployed surprisingly easily! Best of all, Eleventy is built to be stable; which hopefully means I won't run into that my website won't build, and I don't know why! problem again.[1] Hurray!

A better developer than I am probably could have migrated the old jekyll site completely, but I didn't manage to do that. I've only carried a few blog posts and pages over for the moment. I'll put a few more of the old posts back, and my publications page; eventually I'll figure out how to get my bookshelf and my talks pages back up, too. But at least there's something here, for now.

  1. It's also designed to build really fast, but that matters less to me. ↩︎